Inhabit ACE

Visualize what life would be like in paradise with no expectation to work or for payment, with all resources available at your fingertips for the creation of your projects, dreams, and divine life.


  • Zone A (Omnivore): Live-Out Programs and Courses
    • Weekly Classes (Yoga, Tantra, Philosophy, Alternative Healing, Diet & Nutrition, Permaculture)
    • Workshops
    • Meditations & Ceremonies
  • Zone B (Lacto Vegetarian): Bed & Breakfast 
  • Zone C (Raw Vegan): Live-In Retreat Center
    • University for Tantra Yoga & 64 Arts
    • Detox Programs
    • Alternative Medicine Clinic
  • Zone D (Raw Vegan): Volunteer-Exchange Program
    • Given the freedom to be inspired to create, sustain and destroy our evolving universe!
    • Creation-Production Area
    • Library
    • Pedagogical Area for Children
    • Council Hall
    • Birthing
    • Exercise Equipment
  • Zone E: Fasting-Silence Zone



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