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What would it look like for an entire culture to live in harmony with the environment, with no expectation to be productive?

What would a community look like where the only expectation would be to live on inspiration and to use our inherent, spontaneous creativity?

Visualize this situation in which all resources for manifesting your wildest dreams are at your fingertips, including access to technology and higher learning, artistic tools, and building materials, just to name a few.

Look no further, Advancement of Civilization Effort is the response to this demand.

Pancha Kanchukas: The Five Limitations of the Mind

Kanchuka is a Sanskrit word which literally translates to "sheath" or "envelope". They are five in number, and together they act as a shell which veils the consciousness and separates the observing individual from its pure and absolute form. Each kanchuka limits the dynamic and creative power of the individual in a certain aspect:

  • Kalaa - that which limits the power to do all;
  • Avidya vidya - that which limits the power to know all;
  • Raga - that which creates desire and attachment, thus giving rise to unceasing discontentment;
  • Kaala - that which limits perpetual existence by creating the notion of time, related to the changes in life, namely: birth, growth, ripening, waning, and perishing;
  • Niyati - that which limits free will by creating the notion of fate and destiny, thus binding the individual to the endless cycle of birth and death.

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This Sunday leading a hike for raising awareness about ACE!

Received a donation in the amount of $375 from Julien Brumaire!!

Thanks Julien! It's really happening!! Love you babe!!

Yesterday put up an ad for an intern so that I could distribute some of the work. I had an immediate response from Joe Lee....

Graciously received a $50 donation from Anonymous for the cause of "raising awareness about the power of breathing".

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