Shangri-LA Homestead

The Shangri-LA Homestead is the three-dimensional, material manifestation of ACE in the infinite space-time of this expansive and elusive universe.

And so it begins…

I arrived back at the house where I grew up in the Louisiana countryside after 10 years abroad. I felt like this was the perfect place for my vision of building a community based around ACE to be based. There was and is much to do… but little by little we are getting it done.

Tequila Point (Grounds Project)

Part of our Grounds Project. We are currently cleaning up out there, but it is already looking much better. We pulled up all the plants growing in The Wishing Well, trimmed the palms, and took the machete to all the little trees that have been growing there in the past year. After burning off all the poison ivy, we took a leaf blower to the ashes and pulled out some weeds, and what appeared? The stepping stones my brother had laid out about 4 years back.

Yoga Hall (House Project)

Part of our House Project. Once a storage room, meant to be a living room. Briefly turned into a lovely living room, and then back to storage. This room, as most of the main house, has never been fully finished. Has a lot of organizing and cleaning up to do (spider webs, rat-eaten blankets, etc), but after its all finished the vision is that this will be the main Yoga Hall.

Kitchen/Pantry (House Project)

Part of our House Project. Currently a tool storage room, we are cleaning up and shipping these things out to the yoga room so that we can finally convert this area into a pantry, the way it was originally intended to be.

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