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ACE Bank – ACE Podcast August 13, 2017

In this show we first speak with Daniel Lardy (see biography below) about our projects at ACE, and we end our show with a recap on our position on the ACE Bank and on the registration of ACE Org as a 501(c)3 non-profit in the US, and of the ACE Bank as a trademark in the US and in Switzerland.

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Daniel Lardy Biography “At first, I worked as a business man and I worked with computers as an exploitation technician. I have been trained in Hatha-Yoga, Nyla Houtov technic and Sri Aurobindo – “Yoga intégral” (in french, I don’t know the correct word in english for “intégral). I have been trained in Rebirth technic (exploration (recalling) of present life and past lives memories) and meditation by the same Yoga teacher. Then, I taught Hatha Yoga and guided relaxation during four years. I have been trained in hypnotherapy (Milton Erickson technic), and I created a method for exploring/recalling memories while using the harmonic sounds of Himalaya’s singing bowls, and a personal method which allows people to increase their vibratory level and to connect their spiritual essence or core being before exploring their memories. The transmutation of the traumatic emotional prints is facilitated by the use of the harmonic sounds and some specific psychic and physical exercises. People can also recall positive memories and reintegrate some ancient skills and knowledges, not only in their conscious being, but also inside their physical body, such as to be able to re-use (use again) these abilities in the present life. With the aim of completing my service in spiritual psychotherapy, I did a theoric and experimental research into multidimensional communications with different kinds of entities who often possess incarnated beings on Earth. These possessions often cause a lot of psychological problems, and even some physical diseases. For instance, when a person has some chronic anger crisis or chronic fears while observing that these events are so impulsive that they cannot control them with efficiency, it could be a sign of a possession by an entity. I learnt how to free these entities, while allowing them to go through a vortex in a higher frequency realm, in the spiritual sphere which is attuned with his/her evolution’s degree or level. Carl Wickman, an american psychiatrist who has worked with his wife, an incorporation’s medium, has successfully healed a lot of patients of his own working plan. He observed that nearly everybody on Earth has at least one possessing entity in his/her aura or even inside his/her physical body. I did an experimental research into psychic and spiritual abilities/faculties as telepathy, clairvoyance, out of body experiences, premonitions, psychokinesis, etc. I have experimented telepathy with several alien civilizations, and I practiced out of body translations on Earth, in the solar system and far away from this system. I have been trained by one of these civilization to recall some ancient knowledges and skills which are relative to some previous lives extraterrestrial/cosmic memories. I experimented psychokinesis with robots, lifts, big and small computers. I also experimented psychokinesis while being psychically guided by a disembodied Filipino healer, such as to be able to dematerialize two cysts. I experimented premonitions several times in my life with a lot of verified details/informations (earth-quake, car accident, plane crash, etc.). I use clairvoyance for being able to see and evaluate the energetic parameters of the human aura and the possible presence of entities within. I did research into sacred geometry, in relation with physics and quantum physics, in relation with the subtle architecture of the human body, its chakras, energetic vortices, polyhedrons, the golden number’s energetic activity, the pyramidal function in the universe, the multidimensional unifying force which is leaded by the Spiritual Principle, etc.”

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