Advancement of Civilization Effort VideoCast Recap W15

Please find below our Weekly VideoCast which has been streamed live on Apr 17, 2016

After our opening meditation, lead by Mathew, we will talk about entanglement
in human brain not only quantic but psychological too, with a Presentation
done by Michel.

Then we made a call for talents to join in, exposing why we want you…
to move the world through the 3rd industrial revolution and beyond.

1st revolution : mechanical machines, coil/steam energy
2nd revolution : communication revolution, oil based energy (scarecity based system)
3rd revolution : sharing economy, renewable energy (monetary system obsolescence, based on social capital)
4th revolution : gift / love economy ! (abundance based system)


Please register as guest and join us every week on our call, a link will be posted
here and on our
facebook page :

if you are already in our “circle” simply check your event page

Thanks & Namaste

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