Charles Ostman on Hyperspace 09-16-2015

I have been able to summarize the first 26 minutes below. Listen to our own Futures Advisor, Charles Ostman on Hyperspace!

  • Paradigms evaporating and being replaced in the blink of an eye
    • Macroscopic, planetary scale paradigm shifts happening over months rather than generations
    • convergence syndrome: compression of time mapped against an acceleration of complexity and an acceleration of connectedness
  • Virtual world, artificial intelligence
    • Mark Zuckerberg says that the next development in business is telepathy
    • Charles was working on a project in 2001 to use the internet to measure intent through something similar to Quantum Entanglement: Launch a project with many people online at the same time. Thought processes monitored in a feedback pattern and see what effects would come.
    • Global Consciousness Project, GCP, Roger Nelson: using the state of randomness to detect quantum entanglement artifacts that can affect physical systems
    • No matter how big the encryption, how high the chaos… there is always order
    • A platform that can show a consistent shift in randomness based against a known constant
    • Organic, synthetic, cosmic, localized all blending into a new consciousness
  • The technology to be able to examine, track, and influence conscious and subconscious thought has gone way beyond theoretical or philosophical paradigms into hard science and even application
    • Commoditizing telepathy is a business model
    • Artificial telepathy interface: weaponization of the technology, interrogation program, militarized remote viewing program, mind control, inserting memories, programs, pictures and dialogue
  • Problems with artificial telepathy
    • Institute of Noetic Sciences and Dean Radin: militarization effort
    • China, Russia, post-WW2
    • Government driven entities
    • We need a civilian version to counteract the militant version
    • Global Brain Society: Are we headed to an inevitable borg state?
    • NIBCC: Nano Info Bio Cognitech Convercence Conference, neurological sovereignty
    • Artificial telepathy and psychotronic warfare, remote manipulation through satellite driven technology, seizures, brain issues
  • Can go either way depending on operators, handlers, controllers, programmers: militarized implies warfare; mainstream would just mean a hive collective, a cyberhive, the cybernetic hive minds, Dr. Robert Duncan
    • Dr. Duncan: a specific type of collimated microwave energy can instigate responses inside the brain where you start to hear voices, have visual hallucinations; an assymetrical warfare tool… used in Iraq
    • Genetic markers for religious proclivities
    • Experiment showed very effective when directed at this particular population base
    • An argument could be made that it would not be effective towards the more general educated population (Charles disagrees because we are now entering into a world where people are now conditioned to an extremely high degree of parallels where they are getting an influx of multiple different sensory input constantly at an accelerated rate that no human has ever experienced in any history that we know of, so this kind of overtaxation pushes the neurochemistry to a different state of norm than previous generations have ever experienced. Would this make the brain more susceptible to these kinds of influences? Charles would say yes.) (22:05) Mix that together with the administration of pharmaceuticals  to control things such as ADHD
    • Psychotropic drugs on a mass scale combined with this incredibly amplified oversaturation of information on a continuous basis DOES set one up as a much more accessible target for this kind of external input.
    • Aritifical intelligence: What is intelligence? What we recognize as intelligence may not be the same for an artificial entity would actually do. Synthetic sentience: We may not recognize sentience when it occurs. Advanced SIRI. Technology getting up to par now. “Virtual emotion engines” will become the next thing.
    • “Virtual Emotion Engines” will become the next thing: Younger generations flocking to social media for social interaction and are loosing context with the physical social interaction(26:12). Next thing to sell as a commodity the virtual friendship, virtual companionship

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