Limitless Capacity


Siddhis – Psychic powers

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

If  teleportation is possible, then do we need cars and airplanes that pollute the Earth?

If telepathy is possible, then do we need the radioactivity of cell phones and computers?

If telekinesis is possible, do we really need massive machines of transport?

If it is possible to channel energy and heal the diseases of the world, then do we need hospitals, medications, and health insurance?

All of these psychic powers are not only possible,

but are attainable by every single normal human being.

-Alix Claire Erie, Founder & Director of Advancement of Civilization Effort

Modern technology has in a sense been a digression rather than an advancement in our abilities as a species. In fact, ancient cultures such as the East Indians, the Arabians, or the South and Central Americans have had wisdom and knowhow of very powerful techniques long before the silicon boom hit the planet. 

However, in this day and age, everything has become (what erroneously seems to be to the common man) so convenient due to these recent technological advancements that the average human has become utterly LAZY.

The acquisition of psychic powers–though a possibility for each and everyone–is a result of, if nothing else, extreme dedication and discipline… much more than the average physics student at M.I.T. could even begin to fathom. Alas, even the mere consideration that psychic abilities could be possible has sadly become a ridiculed topic amongst the majority of those *considered by the masses* to be the greatest minds of our civilization.

….But, this mentality is not only wrong, it is close-minded, and even a reflection of ignorance based in egoism. In effect, in the last century with the discovery of quantum mechanics scientific theory has been able to illustrate very vividly that psychic phenomenon certainly can exist. A few factual examples (at least factual to the degree that they are so widely accepted that they are taught in accredited universities across the world):

  • A particle can change state instantaneously based on the state of another particle at the opposite edge of the universe (quantum entanglement);
  • three separate strings of energy can combine to form one and still exhibit the exact same observable quantities (string theory);
  • a particle’s position in the expansive universe at any given time is given by a PROBABILITY;
  • particles with enough energy can disappear from one side of a wall and reappear on the other (quantum tunneling);
  • and even particles are disappearing every single picosecond from their location for an instant…only to be found in a completely disjointed location, only to reappear faster than the eye can detect! Ta daa!!

Despite these concepts being for all practical purposes devoid of contest in the scientific community, scientists still refuse to even discuss topics such as unified consciousness, the mind being able to move objects without physical means, or gross objects being able to change in quality or quantity.

Why is this? How can the greatest minds of our time be SO BLUNT???

Because they STILL have not found a complete and solid Grand Unified Theory!

The G.U.T. is the Holy Grail of physics: If found, it would serve the amazing purpose of uniting quantum theory (the governing systems reigning over the infinitesimally small) with general relativity (the kingdom of the colossally titanic). It is largely for this lack of consistency between the two polarities of our sizable atmosphere that scientists blindly refuse to consider that quantum properties can exist in the mesoscopic or macroscopic universe.


Basically, the small world has amazing properties. If we humans were the size of an elementary particle (we’re talking 10-16 meters for an electron), then scientists would have *no problem* believing that we can levitate our way out of bed to the garden to pick up breakfast… but, since we are a huge conglomeration of innumerable particles, we do not qualify to obey quantum theory.

Furthermore, the big problem with the approach of OBJECTIVE science to the G.U.T. is that it lacks completion (see Group Theory): It does not admit any form of SUBJECTIVE data, and a theory that is supposed to be able to describe a system in its totality should, of course, admit ALL VARIABLES of the system…. And, unless we are in a philosophy class discussing epistemology, everyone agrees that subjective experience does, in fact, exist in our observable universe.

So, as a thought experiment, contemplate the situation in which a significant number of Body A’s particles all achieve a homogenous state in which they are 1) actively entangled with a significant number of particles of Body B AND 2) in which the information of Body A is configured in such a way that some of Body B’s *observable quantities* begin to change (on a macroscopic scale). 

Yes, there is a very VERY low probability of that happening, but the probability is NOT null…. I like to say, “On a timescale of eternity, all probabilities go to infinity, and that’s a pretty big probability.”

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