The goals of ACE are many, but to highlight a few key points, ACE aims to:

  • Present information in a manner which lifts the veil that separates us from limitless, effortless existence;
  • Provide a chat and forum platform designated for the exchange of ideas about how to consciously evolve into transhumans, making it a gateway to the future of Earth’s civilization;
  • Have an international reach, with a large board of advisors, as well as many employees and members;
  • Evolve into an intentional community built around raising awareness of the transhumanism movement, as well as to empower individuals during this time in our evolution;
  • Provide a space in which residents of the ACE community can live without any expectation of payment or work, in which all resources will be provided for creation to take place when spontaneity and inspiration arise;
  • Have a solid ecological investment portfolio (e.g. detox retreat centers, eco-hostels, and gaming houses which utilize brain-computer interfaces and virtual reality), that serves to fund the intentional community;
  • Create a network of already existing intentional communities.

Over the next year, I plan to get the Beta version of ACE up and running which includes:

  • Filling in a first round of content for ACEpedia;
  • Making the ACE habitation complex web image interactive with full descriptions of the zones;
  • Describe the sociological and economical structure of the ACE habitation complex;
  • Get the forum up and running;
  • Write (and display on the ACE site for discussion on the forums) a first draft of an “Individual Advancement Assessment”, which will take into account myriad factors including social, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual milestones;
  • Get the chat up and running;
  • Get a second round of funding for the investment portfolio;
  • Give the ACE website a sleeker, more modern design.

The Beta version serves a dual purpose: it is first an educational platform, and second it is, itself, the portfolio to present to potential investors for the funding of the non-profit which is core to ACE. Once the beta site is up, estimated to take about 6 months, the second half is projected to be utilized for in the following manner:

  • Presenting to philanthropists and investors for the funding of the construction of the institutions of the ACE portfolio;
  • Recruiting employees and advisory board members;
  • Begin receiving articles from members that will be subject to review by a the editors and advisory board before publication;
  • Create a buzz and get individuals contributing to the site through the forums with questions such as “How would you assess an individual’s or a civilization’s level of advancement? What is YOUR utopia? What is your experience with limitless existence?”

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