Divine Comedy : All you need will be provided indoubtedly

VOGEL-articleLargeGuru: Anything you need will be provided for when you are in service to the divine.

Disciple: But aren’t we in service to the divine by default? Whether you think of it as being the laws of physics or God… aren’t we bound by some absolute universal principal regardless of our choices.

Guru: That is correct, my son. You are in service to the divine whether you choose to be or not, hence… everything that you could ever need will always be provided for you. You are an actor on the stage of the divine comedy of existence. So, let all your worries pass aside. If there is a need, it will be met. Worry will only cause friction on the slide that leads to those needs being met. Worry will only work against you.

Disciple: So we should just surrender? Let go and trust?

Guru: Exactly. You have now understood the greatest secret.

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