Gift Economy (Zone E: Akasha)

At the beginning of each session repeat three times “I devote every single action† to the advancement of civilization towards both my unique and commun visions.”

For every item that you find useful for record as a that you need you write at least 1 item that you do not need anymore and that you can give. Evaluate based on intuition whether the exchange of one set of goods/services for

Your needs are matched to other peoples no longer needs.

It is required to not make a material record of the exchange.

#I ask the universe to grant me reception of the following:
*Computer or digital device allowing completely hands free use
*Reliable mechanism for expressing thought language-free
*Help with migrating all existing social media platforms to Free Software

*Goods and Services I ask the universe to accept from me:

*Gathering of [Affinity Institutions]()
*Guided Meditations

#Goods and Services I am asking the universe to upgrade:

*Renew Skye’s GoDaddy Account
*Jobs at ACE remunerated by currency

#Attribution of ACE Currency Fund:

*May 2016
**External hard drive that serves as a DNS
**Cut the grass in preparation for hosting

†(All meaning every single action that occurs at every single moment of your existence including sleeping, waking, eating, buying, giving, creating, loving)

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