Inhabit ACE

Inhabit ACE is the concretization of the vision of Advancement of Civilization Effort in the form of a functioning semi-closed intentional community (and eventually society and civilization). Our core concepts draw on the philosophies of permaculture, sustainable living, eco-villages, and has utopian overtones. We give value to both allopathy and naturopathy, conventional and gurukul (yogic) education, and the natural and technological wonders and tools of the world. We understand the importance of rest, meditation and independence to bring about the most beautiful, effective, and efficient works.

We also recognize that idealists in the past have tried to implement similar visions through the theory of Marxism and Communism, and although we do also see much value in these theories, historical implementation has taught us (as a civilization) many lessons to be observed in the attempt to create our vision of utopia. As such, we are going about our movement in a slow and passive manner, so as to gain members through trust and by having an attractive situation to offer them, so that they come voluntarily. This method being compared by the opposing methods of the political movements of communism that were highly activist, violent, and rapidly forced on its members by a leaders at the top of a hierarchy. As such, it is during the final 30 year period of building the Advancement of Civilization Effort that we intend to place emphasis on the importance of the absence of hierarchy in the successful implementation of a harmonious society.

This last being clarified, we intend not to create a revolution that opposes the existing structures and governments in place, but rather to recognize the validity and necessity of these governments for the implementation of a judicial process that is appropriate for members of civilization that are not yet ready to transition to a transcendental or enlightened state. We take it as a given that once a person (or group of persons) has reached an enlightened state, they have no conflict with the governments that are already in place.

Visualize what life would be like with no expectation to work or for payment, with all resources available at your fingertips for the creation of your projects, dreams, and divine life.

The diagram on the right displays the idea of Inhabit ACE in the form of a diagram. This diagram is not intended to represent a physical space, but rather an idea space, similar to a Venn diagram. The diagram shows both primary zones (e.g. A1) and secondary zones (e.g. A2). The primary zones are intended to represent the space where the primary activities of the zones take place, and the secondary zones represent a transitionary time and space between the zones. For example, in the secondary zone there might include application procedures for entry, examinations and testing, and may take place within a designated facility for such operations. The primary zones are briefly described below:


  • Zone A: Day Center
    • Day Programs, Workshops & Courses
    • Weekly Classes (Yoga, Tantra, Philosophy, Alternative Healing, Diet & Nutrition, Permaculture)
    • Workshops
    • Meditations & Ceremonies
  • Zone B: Bed & Breakfast for Short Stays
  • Zone C: Long-Term Residential Housing & Retreat Center
    • Volunteer-Exchange Program
    • University for Tantra Yoga & 64 Arts
    • Detox Programs
    • Mental Health Rehabilitation Center
    • Alternative Medicine Clinic
    • Courses in Vegetarian & Raw Vegan Lifestyle
  • Zone D: Permanent Residential Complex
    • Permaculture Garden
    • Computer Hall & Indoor Work Station
    • Library
    • Ludotech for Children & Adolescents
    • Council Hall
    • Medical Station
    • Fitness Center
  • Zone E: Fasting-Silence Zone



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