Shangri-LA Homestead

The Shangri-LA Homestead, a 6 acre property in Zachary, Louisiana, USA is the official legal address of Advancement of Civilization Effort. It is a property owned by John Erie, the father of ACE founder, Alix Claire Erie, and the home in which she grew up since her birth. It is a temporary solution for the Inhabit ACE  project until ACE is able to acquire a piece of land for its activities. There are reasons for which we consider this property as a temporary solution, and so, although we are not there permanently, when the core members of ACE are there, all who are interested in our projects are welcome to come and participate.

The property is on very farmable land, and has a river a 10 minute walk behind the house into the forest where we can swim. There is a large pond on the property that goes through periods of drought and being full, depending on the weather.

This house has 4 bedrooms, a large room that can be used as a yoga hall, a separate room that can be used as a den/study area, a sizable kitchen, 3 fireplaces, a dining room, and 3 rooms that have plumbing in it for a bathroom. It has a clothes washer and dryer, electric stove, and refrigerator.

This house has gone through many challenges, and is currently in a state of needing a lot of work. It is by no means a luxury accommodation, but it is a place where we can convene and live on little expense while we gather our resources for implementing our future plans.

We plan on being at this property again from late Spring 2018 for a duration of 1-2 years (or longer) while gather funding under the Limitless Community Trust to purchase land for our community in Hawaii and relocate. We invite you to join us while we are here during this tour in Louisiana. If you are interested in meeting up with us here please drop us an email at and we will get back to you within a 24-48 hours.

Below are 3 photo galleries showing the state of the house during our last tour in Louisiana in 2015-2016:

Tequila Point (Grounds Project)

Part of our Grounds Project. We are currently cleaning up out there, but it is already looking much better. We pulled up all the plants growing in The Wishing Well, trimmed the palms, and took the machete to all the little trees that have been growing there in the past year. After burning off all the poison ivy, we took a leaf blower to the ashes and pulled out some weeds, and what appeared? The stepping stones my brother had laid out about 4 years back.

Yoga Hall (House Project)

Part of our House Project. Once a storage room, meant to be a living room. Briefly turned into a lovely living room, and then back to storage. This room, as most of the main house, has never been fully finished. Has a lot of organizing and cleaning up to do (spider webs, rat-eaten blankets, etc), but after its all finished the vision is that this will be the main Yoga Hall.

Kitchen/Pantry (House Project)

Part of our House Project. Currently a tool storage room, we are cleaning up and shipping these things out to the yoga room so that we can finally convert this area into a pantry, the way it was originally intended to be.