Link to Advancement of Civilization Effort VideoCast W15 — (Apr 17th Weekly call)

URL: As usual we will start with a little meditation / breathing (Ujjayi Breath), followed by a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) excercise / brainstorm during which we’ll review our activities * Asana Project plan * ACE business registration as a 503(c) * Akasha drive reorg. * black-egg project * Chi^2…

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Breathing- ujjayi breath Meditation exercise to enter into NLP mode. Listen to my voice.  Slow down. Be aware of the self. Of the body, mind, spirit.  Relax all cells in the body instantaneously.  Release all programs of the mind.  Release all edges in the spirit.  Become aware of language. mantra…

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Please find below our Weekly VideoCast which has been streamed live on April 10th , 2016
In this video, Michel initiated the heart mediation to start our weekly call, followed by an overview of Inhabit ACE projects and review of Alix.