Paradise Found: The Benefit of De-Compartmentalizing Our Lives into a Unification of Family, Work, and Society


For me, this life is primarily about work. I eat work. I breathe work. I love work. My family is work. My spirituality is work. When I sleep and dream it is work. When I make new friends it is work. When I take a lover… it is work. When I play with my baby, yes… even those precious moments are work, too.

Not many (if any) things worthwhile have come to me in this life without great effort, dedication, discipline and focus, and this life has been and remains to be about work. As a side note, when I say “work” I mean dharma, or action that will fulfill our purpose in this life.

You have a purpose, and it doesn’t involve belonging to the monarchy of Social Media.

So what is my purpose in this life? Do you know what yours is? Honestly, now. Leaving all notions aside of what you “should” do, isn’t it about building your paradise?

…And it doesn’t stop there… because paradise is a complete pile of cow manure if you are the only one in it!

Building paradise—OUR paradise, our Shangri-La—for we were not born into an Elysium, but a world that resembles but a glimpse of that dream, is EXACTLY why we are here. Occasionally we get the impression that we have attained that eternal bliss. In those fleeting meditative moments, when we breathe in the mists of heaven, we feel completely free to make choices and be whoever and whatever we want, go anywhere, do anything and nothing seems impossible… until inevitably the reverie ends and we are confronted with the reality of a world in a cacophony of disharmonious turmoil and decay.

And, then the work begins again. We struggle day in and day out, scrambling to externalize our daydream into concrete form as best we can, when time and time again, in reality, what is produced is a complete mash-up of what we identify as a perfect existence. Then we try to sweep all of the evidence that we are “non-perfect” under the rug so that no one will notice that we are stressed, that we cry, that we have panic attacks, that we get sad, that we get depressed… heck, that we have any status at all other than, “I am perfect.”

We want a paradise for not only for ourselves, but for our family, our colleagues, and our society. We want a paradise for every single person with whom we come into contact… because (nevermind compassion and empathy) when it gets down to it, if we see that we have it better than someone else, it is part of our human nature to feel guilty about it on some level… and THAT, my friends, is what can completely ruin an otherwise perfect state of paradise.

So now you might be scratching your head thinking, “Yeah, ok, you’ve got a point. But, let’s be realistic. How are we ever going to make the world a paradise for everyone?


Paradise for One and for All

It has become clear to me that possibly the most rapid and energy efficient way to acquire a holistic life deemed fit for the description of “paradise”—hold on to your seats now, because we are about to take off for a skip and a hop in the rocket ship— is to exploit the holographic properties of the universe at the moment that the energy of our consciousness (in the form of electricity, electromagnetic waves, and other bosonic particles, i.e. non-matter particles) is released from the central nervous system and the rest of the physical body. At that moment, the number of dimensions that consciousness inhabits reduced, as it releases its attachment to the familiar 4-dimensional space-time, eliminating the material expression of consciousness. What remains of that consciousness—all of the information embedded in the non-matter particles in their many states, both coherent and incoherent—is how we define “the soul”.

At that precise moment of the flattening of the 4-dimensional space-time, the soul—also known as the being or the “I” principal—then exists in other “higher” dimensions that are described in superstring theory and other hyper-dimensional theories of mathematical physics that are candidates for a Grand Unified Theory of Everything. In this other realm there are both spacial and temporal dimensions (or dimensions of space and time), and hence an entirely other existence complete with evolution taking place on a “forward” time-arrow is waiting when the soul leaves the body.

With the absence of the boundaries of the material world in this state that we will call akasha (or ether), several boundaries are transcended, introducing several new degrees of freedom into the system of consciousness. In effect, the soul then has the complete freedom to choose exactly how it will set these parameters again before re-entering the system.


!!! (Go ahead take the ride on the rocket ship again to get the full scope of what has just been illustrated.)

So, folks, my personal goal for this life is to leave this body with full awareness (to take mahasamadhi—or the state of eloquent and exquisite liberation with perfect and full awareness) having lived a full life and maintaining the full consciousness in order to choose my next birth with great detail, with patience, poise, and knowledge so that I will be blissful in a full incarnation in my next life…

And I encourage YOU to do the same! Since the universe is an infinite loop of holograms and dimensions, there are enough universes and dominions and domains and kingdoms of heaven for all of us to go around!!!


Other methods of travelling to my pearly gates?

…Sure, the possibilities are endless. One surefire and meticulously systematic way, though, is through the practices of yoga, kriya and tantra. These disciplines present a path through which it is possible to completely transform the world before your eyes, EVEN in the present birth.

…However, material being heavy (compared to those aforementioned bosonic particles, some of which don’t weigh anything AT ALL), it takes much more WORK to transform a universe that has already been launched and has been in progress for a good while (we’re talking billions of years) than it is to transform the substance of the soul, akasha, ether, or energy in its non-material wave form and then just launch a completely new universe. In other words, the amount of austerities and “bubble, bubble toil and trouble required to transform the material universe in the present birth into an entirely different state—in my case I am looking for a world devoid of disease, war, famine and heinous crimes against humanity and all living things—is much more significant than simply allowing the soul to leave the body in full awareness… (In fact it requires ascending to so-called “God-hood” by fighting the “Gods” of this universe for their realm until they recognize your will as being indestructible and initiate you as one of them. I don’t know about you, but I pass on that one! I would much rather just pick a virgin corner of the universe to mold and shape as I choose without all the struggle. Ah, I digress…)

The caveat is that most of us do not know when we are going to die. We could die in a freak accident at any moment! So, remaining in full awareness of our actions 100% of the time is your best bet for getting the ticket on the fast train to your castle in the sky.


And what does that mean, full awareness?

Define your values. Then devote every single infinitesimal action to those values, and don’t think about the past or the future… in fact don’t think anymore AT ALL. Just live a life of surrender to your very well defined principals. Do it at home. Do it at work. Do it when you garden, when you drive, when you are in the check-out line at the store, when you are on the phone with a client, when you are at church, temple, the mosque, when you sleep, when you drink, when you brush your teeth and shower. Live by your principals in every single interaction with your external surroundings. Because, it is the degree to which you have lived by these principals that you will be able to accurately define the free parameters to your liking in the after-life. The amount of meaningful experience gained in this life and tapasya (or austerities) performed gives us the potential energy that allows us to create our vision of paradise for next birth.


Back to work

So, for me, I have reached a decision that the phase of where I give into instant gratification in this life is pretty much over… Pleasure and gratification is still there, for sure… In fact, it is invaluable to some extent. But the main goal for this incarnation is to work to build the foundation for the next one… to build the palace.

I was put on this Earth with a very special mission… This mission is to prepare the foundation, mount the structure, and furnish the halls of the palace that I will both leave behind for my fellow man and that I will take as my abode in my next life.

Furthermore, even though as soon as we leave our body we can choose exactly the world in which we want to live for the next birth, we must make sure to be fully aware of what we want and to tell the powers that be exactly what we want before we are reborn… because everything that we do not precise will be left to randomness, chaos, and that will be the “dark side” of our incarnation.

The palace that I envision­—that lives inside of me and burns like fire it is so vivid—is a place where all men and animals and plants and inanimate beings co-exist harmoniously in a shining radiant Eden, in which all power is collective, all property is public, all objects are cherished by all and available to all… all members of society work together to construct and maintain and dissolve existence out of the sheer pleasure to have a body and be able to employ it for action. The fundamental values of that society are Truth, Beauty, Symmetry, Unconditional Love, Purity, Awareness, Self-Realization, Art, Expression, Creativity, Music, Wisdom, Auspiciousness… and a little bit of Surprise, just to spice things up a bit!

If we are able to place an order for perfection in the proper way, we will be manifested as a full incarnation of our highest and most sublime existence. Yes… like the mythical accounts of the incarnation of the Hindu Gods Rama or Krishna or Parvati who were supposedly full incarnations of the Supreme Consciousness. However, even they did not see perfect order (or determinism) in their incarnations… There was Ravana, the king of the demons, that went up against Sri Ram. There was the war of families during the time of Krishna. In fact, it is exactly the desire for some element of surprise that brings randomness, and hence apparent chaos into our system. And it is exactly that chaos that we identify as evil.

In short, flawless determinism does not exist, except for a moment of perfect stillness in the infinite sea of consciousness reduced to a single point… one of the innumerable states of samadhi—or heightened awareness—that just so happens to be achievable instantaneously… even at this moment, by simply bringing awareness to it.


How is this relevant to my life NOW? I have a lot of years to go before dying!

The degree to which our actions are consistent with our ideals is also a gauge for how efficient we are at projecting a copy of our ideals in the current birth. In fact, those elements of our actions that are NOT consistent with our fundamental value system are reflected back at us as a wall, a limitation. So limitations and chaos do not only come from the ignorance or intentional negligence of not being fully precise about the situation of our birth, but also from being inconsistent (and lazy) in our day-to-day actions with our values.

Therefore, if you always dreamed of world peace, a cornucopia overflowing with abundance for all, shining happy people holding hands, with a cherry on top, then:

See your co-workers, family, community, elders, children, and passersby as if they were a copy of yourself. De-compartmentalize your life. Dissolve the boundaries. Unite our efforts and unify our consciousness into a coherent signal that can act like a laser to blast through the limitations of our mind and propel us into the horizon.

It’s as simple as following the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.”

Peace out.


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  1. Bonjour, nous vivons dans un monde basé sur l argent ,la réussite : sociale, financière on se déshumanise tous sur cette terre et tant pis pour les autres, qui n on pas ce statut, c est injuste, on veut toujours mieux que l autre, consommer et consommer et les lobbies se frotte les mains, la seule chose qu’ ont ne peut pas acheter où se l offrir c est la maladie, qu’ on sois riche ou pauvre et gravement malade où en mauvaise santé ça ne s achète pas, pour être bien en sois même et avec les autres celà ne demande pas énormément d éffort, tous est en nous il suffit de se lâcher, on à tous du coeur, on est tous courageux où peureux et parfois malheureux où heureux ,il faut qu on prenne conscience qu’ on est en train de s étouffer les uns les autres et de tuer notre planète. Recommenson à manger sainement et à vivre plus sainement arrêtons de consommer à tous va ,ce n est qu’ une compensation de sois même la consommation, laisson à nos enfants de bonne base et un monde meilleur basé sur du respect de l échange vers les autres et essayons de ne pas mettre les autres de côté, faut aller vers les autres, converser ,échanger,partager, aider, rigoler, rien qu’ un sourire où un rire au éclat peut tous changer détendre l atmosphère, ce que j aime dans les rires où sourires c est que c est communicatif, partageons notre savoir, le travail ne doit pas nous bouffer la vie où nous prendre toutes nos année, c est sur qu’ il faut travailler, mais arrêtons d être esclave de notre travail, on est pas des machines, tous celà nous turas. Ne laissons pas l argent nous corrompre envers les autres où nos proche, aidons les autres quand on peut sans rien demander en échange juste un sourire où partager un repas où des sévices. On peut faire bouger les choses, arrêtons d avoir peur , exprimons notre ras le bol, un monde de tolérance sans surconsommation.
    Marthe , de France.

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