ACE Consulting

Providing strategic solutions to clients for:

  • Project Management: strong problem solving skills for complex situations involving multiple projects and several employees
  • Financial Assistance: Financial modeling and forecasting, budget analysis, cash flow, bookkeeping
  • Digital Strategy: Site management & migration, hosting & domain management, web design, social media marketing, blog updating, video management, image rendering, graphic design
  • Administrative Assistance: Monitor payments, schedule, email, manage travel arrangements
  • Content Writer: Persuasive writing, resume writing, blog creation, academic/technical writing, scientific writing, E-newsletters for mass mailings
  • Coaching: Utilizing the yogic and tantric line of therapy including chakra cleansing, hypnotherapy, memory regression, neurolinguistic programming, tantric massage, and writing exercises. As well I assign personal practices and occupational therapy. Finally I host group workshops, discussions, meditations, ceremonies, nature retreats, parties, pot-luck dinners
  • Recruiting

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