The Solution to the World’s Multitude of Problems

holsitic3The answer to the world’s multitude of problems, from disease to famine, from war to family disputes, from communication and transportation to ecological and economic crisis, even the Grand Unification Theory of Everything sought by mathematicians and theoretical physicists the world over… is yoga.

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means “the union”, or “the unification”. This is very commonly understood as the unification of mind, body and spirit, but it is much more than that. In fact, fundamentally the term “unification” is referring to the union of the consciousness of an observer with that of an object of focus. When yoga occurs there ceases to exist a duality between the observer and the object of observation; there is identification of the observer with the object; the object becomes an extension of the body-mind-spirit complex of the observer; there is union, understanding, assimilation, and intimate knowledge of the object.

Imagine if the heads of two warring nations came together in a union like this! The possibilities are endless. When unification occurs and boundaries are dissolved, obstructions to flow removed the tides of the universe flow naturally in the absence of friction. Tumors in the body disappear, disputes are resolved, imbalances in local communities and economies return to a state of equilibrium, personal peace is experienced, and harmony and auspiciousness abounds!

Self-motivated practitioners will find the greatest benefit from yoga by following one of the many available yoga guides on the market or on the internet. For any questions or for those who are more comfortable under the guidance of a teacher, there are as many different styles of yoga and of instruction as there are stars in the sky, so allow yourself time to find a teacher that is best suited for you. And above all, trust that when it is time for you to find your teacher, it will be he or she that finds you, as if by magic!

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