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      I appreciate Michel’s intention behind the Happy Coin…. however, I have decided that I am against including it in ACE’s core structure…

      BECAUSE, it is fundamentally against the law to deface currency.

      The basic premise of ACE is that its members are on a level of consciousness that supersedes the moral scale of 3-4 on the Kolhberg moral stages of development. When we analyze the behaviors of such people, we understand that they do not do anything that is in direct conflict with the governments of men, and give no explicit cause for punishment. In essence, we are above crime, and hence do not have to worry about involving ourselves with the laws of men.

      Therefore, I prefer to rather silently boycott the currency to drawing a happy face on it…

      Though it is a beautiful gesture.

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      Michel’s Response (copy and pasted from fb by Alix):

      I had the same question about defacing coins , it depends on the country … in the US and UK there is an exception for “Elongated pennies” … (like the one you press in Museum etc. initially I wanted to get a machine installed but it is complicated to get them in the street and insured etc…

      I wanted something quick so the sharpie was the easiest solution … I try to have some minted but my order didn’t arrived.
      there is also a virtual version of the happycoin that is not made with penny and is a printable QR code you can exchange …

      See for an example. The link on the image does not work, by the way.

      I would like to have a second video cast to elaborate on your article … I like the idea of the advancement-assessment and want to know more during our next video

      on a note : In the US it is illegal to deface US currency for fraudulent purposes (usually changing one denomination to a higher one). It is not illegal to deface them for expressive purposes.

      don’t you think happycoin can be consider like

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      Using happycoin for the sole purpose of spreading happiness is not attaching a business or professional card, notice or advertisement to a coin. (read more on the legality : )

      The second purpose of happycoin was to measure the “advancement of humanity” and therefore be able to back the ACE-currency.
      Can we still use “registered stamped penny” for this ? or do we have other way accessible to everyone to quantify how good humanity is ?
      we probably won’t be able to mint everyone’s happycoin and it would go against the valuable property of being 100% decentralized.

      let us share our ideas on the topic

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