Telepathy …2009-11-05-Mind-Reader

per webster‘s definition telepathy is a direct communication

telepathy : a way of communicating thoughts directly from one person’s mind to another person’s mind without using words or signals

However according to Mixed Brood, to be successful telepathy seems to need some kind of sensory signal; our definition at ACE is :  communication from one mind to another by technology amplified sensory means

this “extra” sensory mean to make telepathy a reality, is exactly what we are working on with our BCI show=brain-computer-interface]

Nowerdays we have solved the “remote” communication problem with cellphone, we simple working at ACE on removing the “words”. or at least not verbalizing them by using a computer to peek at one’s mind, we can get a machine to give the recipient  some stimulus our brain can recognize as “reconstructed” words.


The key differentiation with other approach is that we don’t try to decipher the brain signals, which at an order magnitude to complex for nowadays computers, but actually using the brain to do the encoding that best suited for a ‘brain to brain’ communication, there for the machine doesn’t need to have the complete knowledge of the message.

for more info … stay tuned.






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